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Video Interview with Angelo Tristan of COLLATERAL UK

INTRO:Video is about Evie Star as she discusses her interview With Angelo Tristan of Collateral out of the U.K.

Interview with Angelo Tristan of COLLATERAL UK



Band Members:

  • Angelo Tristan - Guitar/Vox

  • Todd Winger - Guitar

  • Jack Bentley Smith - Bass

About: Rock band from South East Kent.

Biography: Angelo Tristan moved to Ramsgate in early 2013 where he first crossed paths with the edgy bass player Jack Bentley-Smith whilst doing an intimate acoustic gig in a small pub in Ramsgate.

Touring the UK with a session band Angelo accepted Jack's offer to help him out as a guitar tech whilst playing local shows. Angelo soon realised that a permanent band should be formed after which Angelo and Jack formed the nucleus of what then became the Angelo Tristan band. With a couple of line up changes they toured the UK heavily and even managed to get a stateside tour under their belt.

2017 saw a number of changes in the band line up with Todd Winger taking Louis Cairns place as guitarist. After just one gig Todd felt like he had been with the band since the beginning. He has the look, the attitude, the talent and just ‘fits’ the band like nobody else could.

With the new line up now in place Angelo was keen to move the band to the next level, a new single, video, EP and album were planned and with it a new band name to reflect the new beginning.

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