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Interview with MDFX band @ WTR 2018

MDFX -‘Straight Outta Berklee’

Before being credentialed media at this year’s Welcome To Rockville festival, for the sixth consecutive year, I had no clue whom MDFX was. To my very pleasant surprise, not only are the members of MDFX and their team were smart, talented, funny, compassionate, caring and by far some of the most incredible individuals I’ve ever had the honor of meeting. That’s say a LOT coming from someone who’s been in this business for almost 2 decades.

It was an incredible privilege and honor to not only meet the members of MDFX & their team, but it was an extraordinary honor to interview them. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that I, Evie Star, was the very first professional interview. This was a literal dream true for me! And, to become friends of sorts through out the weekend was an unexpected, unbelievable experience for me as well.

I watched the members of MDFX grow as people, musicians and as a band throughout the weekend of April 27-April 29, 2018. I watched them lift one another up and be there for one another in ways that even most experienced Rockstars aren’t. I witnessed a level of maturity from every member of MDFX and team beyond my own understanding from such young adults. And throughout it all, they stayed humble and true to themselves and their purposes while performing and attending Welcome To Rockville 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida.

The members of MDFX are as follows:

Erik "Trash Man" Thorstenn- Bass/Vocals

Nick Antonelli- Guitar

Ethan Lewis- Guitar

Alex Marlowe- Drums

MDFX described their music as “Metalcore” but as with all music and the labels we put on musical styles, that is open to interpretation however I personally find this label fitting.

However, the label “Metalcore” isn’t entirely embracing of MDFX’s style and who they are and what they represent. They’re much more than a label. They are young and hungry and capable. They are phenomenally talents musicians who perform with a whole lot of energy and genuineness that I know the crowd felt 100%! They are kind and caring and compassionate individuals. And when they come together as a group they create musical magic!

MDFX and it’s members opened my eyes in ways I didn’t know they could be opened and I will forever be grateful to them for that. For example, they showed me the tremendous power that a good upbringing and the support of a prestigious college such as Berklee truly has to offer people and why the benefits far out weigh the expenses of attending such a credible university. They showed me, without even realizing, the will power, the strength of mind, the brilliance of personal character as well as the heart, soul and devote mindset that they have inside of each and every one of them.

MDFX were born to make music and I am forever in their gratitude as well as Berklee’s for allowing me to watch them perform, interview them and make such truly awesome new friends. I have a feeling they are going to go far in this industry and I look forward to watching them do so.

As always, thank you all for reading and make sure you check out MDFX! You’ll be thrilled you did.

\m/ Keep Rockin’ \m/

Evie Star


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