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FLAW 'Divided We Fall' CD Review

Let me start this review by saying that the song entitled “The Letter” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. It quite literally brings tears to my eyes. The song itself and the message within the lyrics reach right into your heart and really make you think about your own life. The lyric “What’s next to learn?”, is such a powerful lyric.

Sometimes it helps to hear another's thoughts regarding a subject. It helps you gain a new perspective on those subjects. With that said, I invited a friend over to listen to Flaw’s up coming ‘Divided We Fall’ album with me and hear her thoughts about it were also. When the song entitled, ‘The Letter’ started playing, her exact words were, “Wow, this song is breath taking!” So, we listened to the song “The Letter” again when out of nowhere tears begin to stream down her face. They weren’t sad tears nor or they happy tears. They were the tears of a woman who’s trying to figure out what’s next in her own life. And if I’m being honest, I teared up myself. By the 3rd time listening to this tune, she was singing along and it was as if she’d had some sort of freeing emotional epiphany while listening to ‘The Letter’ by Flaw.

I don’t know about the rest of you but, to me, the experience I just witnessed my friend have, felt as if I had just watched a miracle of sorts happen right in front of my very eyes. And knowing that the song had a similar impact on me, it just once again reiterates how and why music is so necessary for all of us. Music isn’t something I could ever live without nor what I want to. And music this good can be and is life changing to so so many.

This whole album is filled with amazing and heart-felt songs. There’s a nicely balanced blend of diversity on Flaw’s up coming album ‘Divided We Fall'. Another of my personal favorites on this album is the song entitled, ‘Fatal Flaw'. Each and every one of us has flaws. And as I’m sure most are aware, some people have a hard time dealing with their own flaws. And we all need a friend’s help sometimes. This songs is about precisely that. Trying to help a loved one before they can no longer be helped. The song ‘Let Me Go’ speaks to me deeply also.

The whole album is awesome. There’s heavier tracks for all of us metal heads out there. There are slower, more melodic tunes for those of us with that preference. And there are those tunes that fit well in between the heavier tracks and more melodic tunes. Flaw did an excellent job creating this album. Flaw’s up coming album ‘Divided We Fall’ is an album I feel Flaw should be very proud of and I feel the sales of Flaw’s upcoming album ‘Divided We Fall’ as well as the attendance to their shows while on tour will reflect that fact in spades.

Thank you all for reading. Pick up your copy of Flaw’s latest album ‘Divided We Fall’ as soon as possible and be sure to check them out live if and when you can as well. Until then, Keep Supporting Music!

~ Evie Star

DIVIDED WE FALL (the new album) Pre-Order it NOW on iTunes and get the lead single "Live and Breathe" instantly.

FLAW are excited to announce that we will be on tour in September and October as direct support for + DOPE + on the US dates of their : "Die Mother Fucker Die" Reunion Tour!!!

Band Members:

  • Chris Volz – Vocals

  • Jason Daunt - Guitar

  • Ryan Jurhs – Bass

  • Corey Sturgill – Drums

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