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Citizen Zero 'State of Mind' CD Review

This album is filled with some seriously Bitchin’ guitar riffs! When Citizen Zero wrote that once you hear a Citizen Zero song you remember it, they were not kidding. Their devotion to writing great songs and to writing them honestly shines brightly through on Citizen Zero’s upcoming album entitled ‘State Of Mind.’ These guys definitely have a knack for creating catchy and memorable hooks.

I dig the variety of tunes on this album. From ballads to anthems, it’s obvious that Citizen Zero put their entire hearts and souls into their music. As Citizen Zero’s up coming album title ‘State Of Mind’ suggests, their music is truly a state of mind. Music is good medicine, great therapy and so very much more, and great bands such as Citizen Zero reiterate that fact well.

When listening to Citizen Zero’s up coming album ‘State Of Mind’ I can’t help but to close my eyes and get lost in the songs. I am still in awe of the guitar solos honestly. But, I am also in awe of the entirety of what I’m listening to. There’s so much depth in each of these songs that it’s in a sense mind-blowing. It’s as if I can feel the emotions behind the words singer, Josh LeMay, is singing.

To say I enjoy the up coming album ‘State Of Mind’ by Citizen Zero would be a massive understatement. I think I may be in love with it. I hope you all fall in love with it too. I have no doubt that you all will. As always, thank you all for reading and pick up your copy of Citizen Zero’s album ‘State Of Mind’ as soon as possible. \m/ \m/ \m/

~ Evie Star

Citizen Zero Members:

  • Josh LeMay - Vocals/Guitar

  • Sammy Boller - Lead Guitar

  • John Dudley - Drums

  • Sam Collins - Bass

Citizen Zero Links:




  • @citizenzero(Twitter)

  • @citizenzero(Instagram)

  • @wearecitizenzero(YouTube)

Citizen Zero - Go (Let Me Save You) [Lyric Video]


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