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Thousand Foot Krutch 'Exhale' Review Written By Randy Tayor

Posted by Evie Star on June 14, 2016 at 1:20 PM

This is my review of Exhale by Thousand Foot Krutch. Thank you for allowing me to review the cd. I felt honored to have been asked by Evie Star and the Thousand Foot Krutch staff. Be sure to check out Evie's website ( and TFK's website ( The album will be released June 17, 2016. Pre-order is available now.

1. Running with the Giants--It starts with drums and gets better from there. I heard some awesome guitar riffs.

2. Incomplete--This one is almost a worship rock song. The lyrics are great to worship to but it still has the great rock sound you have grown to love from TFK.

3. Give up the Ghost-- The drums in this song are so cool. It really showcases their talent that is required to pull this one off.

4. A Kind of Dynamite-- This is another awesome song. It says we fight with a different kind of dynamite. Complete with guitar solo and another great hook to reel you in and have you singing or screaming alone, whichever you prefer.

5. The River--This one will have you pumping your fist with more awesome guitar riffs and singing along with the great lyrics. There is a great message in this song about going down to the river.

6. Push-- Another inspiring song about pushing forward no matter whats in your way. Great message from this song also. We need more songs in the world like this one with a positive message.

7. Off the Rails--This one is so easy to sing to. You'll be singing all night with this one. The melody is really catchy and the lyrics are well written. The guitar riffs and the drums are so tight. It shows the talent this band has.

8. Adrenalin--For all you headbangers out there, this song is for you, right from the start. This one is fast and ready to get you moving. It also has a great guitar solo. The lyrics are well written and complement the fabulous guitar work. Did I mention this one is for all the headbangers out there? Put your fist in the air and rock out with this one.

9. Lifeline--The guitar riff is a great way to start this song and then the drums hook you from the beginning. The guitar power chord arrangements are earth shattering. This song is meant to be played loud. It has a great message about being sent a lifeline when doubt tries to creep in.

10; Cant Stop This--This song is very inspiring to anyone who believes in something bigger than themselves, in a movement that can't be stopped, even if you wanted to stop it. Another great guitar riff and the bass is turned up louder giving the song just what it needs, additional depth. A very catchy tune, metal fans will love this one for sure.

11. Born Again--A great song with an awesome guitar riff, It is easy to listen to and contains a guitar solo and even brings the drums up after the solo. If your a fan of any instrument, this song has it. The singing is spot on again with great lyrics. It is a must listen for any music lover.

12. Honest--Showcases great finger-picking guitar skills mixed with cool violins. This song is a perfect ending to this album.

In conclusion, this album rocks!

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