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Hellyeah 'UNDENIABLE' CD Review

Posted by Evie Star on June 15, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Ahhh how Chad Gray’s voice never ceases to amaze me! And his lyrics always leave me immensely curious about his life, where and what he draws his inspiration from, what his life must’ve been like and honestly intrigued as to what his entire thought & writing process is like. He’s an inspiration to me as is Hellyeah in their entirety.

Once again Hellyeah has given the world the gift of new music. Their latest album entitled ‘Undeniable’ just dropped June 03, 2016. You can pick your copy up online or in stores now. I’m beyond impressed with this album, to say the least! The sheer musicianship and talent within and amongst Hellyeah is humbling. And, as their latest album title suggests, they are an UNDENIABLE force to be reckoned with all around the world. This album, I dare to say is even more aggressive than the last. Guitarist Tom Maxwell’s solos are flawless as always. The combination of Vinnie Paul’s drumming style mixed with bassist Kyle Sanders chunky bass riffs make it nearly impossible to stay in your seat.

For me personally, it’s not just nearly impossible, it’s entirely impossible! There’s not even a slight chance I can listen to this album with out playing air drums, air guitar, banging my head, doing my best to sing along, etc. The passion and intensity this album delivers is beyond compare.

If you haven’t done so already I highly recommend you pick up your copy of ‘Undeniable’ TODAY! I also highly recommend that when Hellyeah tours in and/or around where ever you are that you get out and attend a Hellyeah show! Their music is the best medicine money can buy! It has a way of speaking to your soul and reaching into the core of your being and evoking emotions, maybe even speaking to emotions you didn’t even know you have inside of yourself or may’ve have never felt before. If you’ve never seen Hellyeah live, you’re missing out one of the greatest shows you’ll ever see! I recently had the pleasuring of seeing their show at this year’s Rockville festival. Their showmanship on stage & live performances are second to none!

I always leave a Hellyeah show feeling free of any burdens, fears, worries or concerns. Somehow everything just melts away and I am able to let loose and let it all go. To me that’s priceless. I hope you enjoy Hellyeah’s latest album ‘Undeniable’ as much as I do and I look forward to seeing you all at a Hellyeah concert soon! Thank you for reading and keep supporting Hellyeah!\m/

~Evie Star

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